Nature as a community unitedly aspires to live, teach and learn a healthful existence.
How will you help at Oakland Organic Farm?

CROPPER! One who takes responsibility for the chi of our foodlands

Wood Sprite! One who commits to the balance of our woodlands

Husbandry! One who cares for the health of the legged creatures
(Gurley’s St. Francis is no ‘Sissy)

chickens, cats, rabbits, native animals and birds

Lord of The Flies! One who balances ouRRR footprint

rubbish, composts, campgrounds

“Pick up Betty” One who fosters the ethics of consumption

Pantry, Production, Nutrition, Dining, organization

What’s the status Gladys? One who communicates to the community at large

Ward and June Clever One who fosters House and Home

Julie McCoy One who facilitates positive and productive activities

Field trips to cultural events as well as learning adventures
Farm Event production management